5 of the Best Elopement Locations in the USA

July 11, 2022

Elopements are small intimate weddings in gorgeous locations with stress-free bridal couples. Planning is in many ways easier for the eloping couple and is therefore becoming super popular. Bridal couples have the freedom to find the landscape they love best, at a location in their own county or even overseas. As a multi-day wedding/elopement photographer and videographer, I have the joy and honor of traveling with couples to treasured locations all over the world. Every elopement that I have been delighted to be part of has been outstanding!

From the very moment a couple announces to me that they are eloping, I can’t wait to hear where they are planning to go and what they are planning to do. If they are unsure, I may ask the following questions. What landscape do you desire to see in your elopement portraits? Where in all of nature’s beauty do you enjoy being most? Will you have a small group of guests? Do you have a season in mind? Have you entertained the thought of a multi-day elopement?

I encourage you to embrace the spirit of an adventurer as you plan your unique celebration and step outside your comfort zone to make it all it can possibly be. Whether only the two of you or the inclusion of a small group of family and friends, this day will be one of life’s most epic adventures.

5 Best Elopement Locations:

1. Oregon Coast

If you are desiring an authentic moody, coastal vibe for your elopement, then the Oregon Coast is an excellent location option. A dramatic landscape of rugged cliffs, rocky beach formations, sea stacks and sandy shores are a beautiful backdrop for your elopement photos. Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the US West on HWY 101, the Oregon Coast is easily accessible and gorgeous from start to finish.

If you are flying into one of the nearby major cities – Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Medford, and North Bend, and then flying out of another, plan to drive oceanside for the spectacular views. There are many safe pullover zones just off the highway for ‘aha’ moments and breath-taking panoramic elopement photos. This pristine coastline has plenty of secluded sanctuaries for a magical and memorable Oregon Coast multi-day elopement.

The Oregon Coastline stretches across three distinct regions. North, Central and South Oregon Coast. All 3 Oregon Coast locations are where Pacific Ocean meets Oregon soil and each region is as wonderful as the others. The North Coast stretches from Columbia River to Cascade Heads and is famous for ‘Haystack’ at Cannon Beach. Central Coast continues through from Cascade Heads to Reedsport with fabulous lighthouses. The bottom tip of the stunning Oregon Coast journey, advances from Reedsport down to the Californian border and is filled with pristine beaches. In fact, the Oregon Coast has something for every adventurous couple seeking an amazing, moody, coastal elopement.


2. Point Reyes National Seashore

Another dreamy coastal vibe location is the ever-popular Point Reyes in California. Although it is less moody than the Oregon Coast, this treasured national preserve is just as stunning and feels like Ireland or even Iceland in spots. Point Reyes National Seashore is an outstanding option for a multi-day elopement location. Located on State Route 1 on the west coast of Marin County in northern California. The nearest town is Point Reyes Station, only a short drive to the Point Reyes National Seashore’s Bear Valley Visitors Center. Nearest airports are Santa Rosa which is just over 30 miles away and San Francisco which is just over 40 miles away.

Enjoy a landscape of grandiose beaches, spectacular cliffs, lush green fields, wildflowers, and landmarks all within a 30-mile drive north of San Francisco. Elopement couples enjoy adventurous hiking trails, fabulous Airbnb’s, amazing local delights, wildlife surrounds and breath-taking elopement locations. Some real hidden gems too! Planning an elopement during spring or summer is ideal for beautiful sunrise or sunset photos on the beaches.


3. Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

Are you looking for an adventurous snow-capped mountain destination for your elopement? I guarantee that when you arrive at this awesome place you will be speechless. Rocky Mountain National Park is located in northeast Colorado and is a 64-mile drive northwest of Denver International airport. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain National Park for an adventurous, romantic, and unforgettable multi-day elopement.

Imagine your winter wonderland elopement in the wilderness surrounded by nature’s white blanket and the highest elevated mountains. Glistening icy lakes and spectacular glaciers. Every season in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is just as dreamy as winter. During fall, spring, and summer the weather conditions are more comfortable and therefore busier. People return to see the changes in the glorious landscape as the warm sun melts the snow and springs forth life and color. This location enjoys 315 miles of picturesque hiking trails through cool meadows, alpine forests, magnificent lakes, colored granite cliffs, snowmelt rivers, waterfalls, valleys, and mountains.


4. Valley of Fire State Park

Elopements in the desert are all about intimacy, romance, serenity, and adventure. The Valley of Fire State Park offers all these and more in the vast 40,000 acres. The Valley is Located 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada and only 41 miles drive to Las Vegas. This state park in the Mojave Desert is not hard to get to and well worth the planning. The scenic drive cuts straight through the middle of stunning rock formations like Rainbow Vista.

Have you ever seen a more magical colored landscape for amazing elopement photos? Valley of Fire State Park location at golden hour is beyond words. The colors of the sun setting through the hills and valleys are nothing short of magnificent. It lights up everything to resemble fire – red, yellow, auburn, orange, green and pink reflect off the sand and limestone cliffs. Silhouette photos of the bridal couple as the sun sets are out of this world! There is no better time in the desert for an elopement then sunrise or sunset.

Enjoy an abundance of life in this valley despite being on one of the hottest deserts in the USA and around the world. The best time for elopements is Fall and Spring when the temperatures are not extreme. There are some fabulous Airbnb’s to stay in for your elopement.

5. Yosemite National Park

A whopping 749,956 acres of next level, gob smacking, jaw dropping scenery in east-central California. Yosemite is located 170 miles from San Francisco on the western slopes of Sierra Nevada. The closest airport is in Fresno where you can get a direct bus to Yosemite Valley Visitors Center or hire a car for the 64-mile trip. Sweeping panorama views of Americas first official national park can be accessed by car from May to November.

As a traveling photographer/videographer I am passionate about capturing photos of elopement couples in stunning locations. Yosemite is one of the best in my top 10 worldwide destinations. Couples desire a gorgeous location where they are free and confident to declare their love for each other. Understandably that just happens most naturally in the outdoors surrounded by nature at its best. It doesn’t need any bells and whistles just let it be and it will shine to highlight the couples love, joy, and mystery as they elope. Yosemite National Park has incredible photo opportunities especially sunrises at Glacier Point or dreamy shots in the Tunnel view valley. Nothing I write here is truly going to compare to you seeing it all for yourself, which is why a multi-day elopement would be perfect for this location.


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