How to plan a multi-day wedding

May 9, 2022

Hey there! If you are planning your dream celebration by getting married, eloping, or it’s your anniversary, then read on. Multi-day adventure weddings, elopements and/or vow renewals are a great way to celebrate your love story. It is without a doubt the very best way of making one of the most important dreams of your life an epic reality. I can guide you through how to plan your multi-day adventure wedding. It will be unique and customized just for the bridal couple and their guests. I promise you will love the results and it will never feel awkward. You will barely notice I’m there.

Nicole and Josh decided on a multi-day adventure elopement in Austin, Texas. Known as the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas provides plenty of fun and adventure. The three-day wedding plan entailed real time photos and videos around the city of Austin and the Enchanted Rocks. Their multi-day wedding is great inspiration for you as you consider whether to have a multi-day wedding/elopement

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Choosing your multi-day wedding location

Firstly, you will want to choose your location. When considering where to go you want to choose a place that will represent both of you well and have a variety of places to explore over the multiple days. Choosing places that mean something to you (like a proposal location) or a place that represents places you both enjoy (like the beach or mountains) are great things to consider. Remember this is your adventure so dream big! If you would like to discuss options, reach out here so we can connect.

Below is an example of the places we visited in Austin, Texas for Josh and Nicole:

  • Mount Bonnell – this place is where Josh proposed. A magnificent advantage point that overlooks the beautiful Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River.
  • Zilker Park – this location is where I shot the hand silhouettes from the video above. This location is a gorgeous 341-acre metropolitan park in downtown Austin.
  • South Congress – an eclectic area of Austin nationally known for its shops, food, and culture
  • Enchanted Rocks – a picture perfect location for the actual elopement portion of the trip

Why multi-day weddings?

Have you ever thought of a multi-day wedding celebration? Diverse cultures throughout the world embrace more than the traditional western one-day event. Spreading the traditions, culture, feasts, and special moments over two or more days makes a lot of sense. As an adventurous, traveling, photographer/videographer in my experience, the benefits of a multi-day wedding are phenomenal.

We all know that in our busy world, we do not get much time to hangout and chat. Guests put in a lot of time and money to travel from afar to share congratulations to the happy bridal couple. Normally, with a full wedding day agenda you may only get a quick hug and congrats and that’s it. If you open your mind to a multi-day wedding, your guests will relax and breathe in the full joy of the wedding destination.

Imagine the emotion you will feel when you gather guests for a rehearsal dinner, swim by the pool, picnic in the park, golf, spa etc. No rush because you have at least two-three days to enjoy. Having a professional photographer/videographer present to really dive into your love story and capture the whole deal is powerful. I promise your wedding/elopement portraits will be EPIC! Enjoy viewing Nicole and Josh’s multi-day anniversary photos and video.


Why travel to have a multi-day wedding?

Why not? What is stopping you? Honestly a multi-day adventure wedding in a destination is easier than you think. Especially if you have a vision, set a goal, and enlist a wedding planner. Start chatting with your fiancé and discuss locations outside your local area that you love or would like to discover. This is one of the most important celebrations, so you want it to reflect you both. Precious moments with real authentic backdrops to express your unique story of love in real details. If you can travel for a multi-day wedding, then step out and do it. Make it happen! Trust yourself and you will have no regrets!


The couple’s multi-day wedding attire

Nicole looks radiant in a romantic, strapless modern boho style wedding dress with a turquoise and tan belt. Josh looks fantastic in an ‘Indochino’ charcoal grey suit, white business shirt and patterned toffee and turquoise colored tie. The setting is boho picnic style with a creamy caramel, white and green floral palette. Their sunset silhouettes at the Enchanted Rock look breath-taking against the granite rocks of the Texan hill country.

Multi-day wedding photographer/videographer

Multi-day wedding weekends are truly one of my favorite to document and it is such a privilege to wake up every day knowing I’m going to be able to work with amazing couples like Nicole and Josh and document their stories.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself in a beautiful niche as I offer photography and videography together without the need of an additional team and so if you’re interested in transforming your wedding weekend into a multi-day adventure, I’d absolutely love to chat with you!

My couples and I establish a great relationship prior to multi-day weddings. We accomplish this through consistent communication, planning and a desire to respect the story and tell it authentically. Once this happens and the adventure begins, the couple relax and the best of portraits/video are captured.

What I offer for multi-day weddings is different to other photographers. The unique aspect of my business is that I offer a combined package of video & photo. What this means for you?

  • You won’t have to book multiple vendors
  • Having only one ‘media’ person helps make the experience so much more intimate for the two of you
  • Editing will be consistent across photo and video
  • Communication will be much easier because it’s only me you and we can spend our time focusing on your vision and plans without also navigating multiple vendor relationships

If you are getting married and would like to chat about future multi-day wedding plans, click here. We can discuss wedding packages and the option of multi-day weddings including rehearsal dinners and day-after shoots.


Multi-day Wedding Vendors

Design + Planning: Silver Thistle Events

Florals: Visual Lyrics

Suit: Indochino

Dress: Rue de Seine

Dress Store: Unbridaled Austin

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