a unique approach

I've never been interested in creating films that simply capture the chronology of a wedding day celebration. Rather, my approach is all about showcasing real people, real moments, and real stories. What makes your day unique is your relationship with your partner, each of your own unique personalities, and the journey you've been on as a couple from the moment you started dating until now.

My films are all about showcasing that story. About reaching back in time and unpacking the things that make your relationship unique so that I can craft a film that will showcase your journey and the things that make you unique as a couple.

More than just allowing you to remember a day, I want you to be able to look back and relive your journey – all the moments that led up to your wedding, and all the feelings you had along the way.


YOUR story







I know I keep saying this, but I want your film to showcase YOU. If you're a spontaneous, outgoing couple – I want your film to show that! If you're more reserved, quiet, and thrive on intimate moments, let's lean into that!

It's all about capturing the raw and real...the moments that make you feel something. And I know that requires vulnerability...but if you choose to trust me and embrace my process, I promise the result will be incredible.

I want to create films that can take you right back to your day and make you relive all of those moments as if you were right there. That means I'm all about capturing the emotion of your day – the joy and celebration, the emotion and tears – all of it.

I know how important it is to capture everything, but I'm also very intentional about not being a distraction or interruption. I'll be with you every step of the way, out of the way...but present in each moment.

Every good story starts with great character development...and the same goes for my films. I don't want your film to simply showcase a beautiful event, I want it to be undeniably YOURS – and that starts by diving into (and recording) what makes you YOU.

We'll explore your journey as a couple, talk through some of the things you love about each other, and dream a bit about where the future might lead – all in a casual, conversational, non-threatening environment.

styles of films

All of my films are built from the ground up to showcase your relationship and your story, but I offer multiple film styles – each with their own unique way of showcasing your love.

multi-day film

These films are all about you and your story as a couple. I'll capture the entirety of your wedding day experience with you...but after the day finishes up, then it's adventure time! We'll head out to a national park at sunrise, explore the coastline, go snorkeling...whatever best showcases YOU. My utmost goal is to create a film that will both rekindle the feelings you had on your wedding day and also serve as a visual milestone of your relational journey for years to come.


single-day film


If you don't have the ability to spend multiple days documenting your love, my single-day coverage is perfect for you! We'll still capture the narrative of your love story but all of the footage in the film will come from the wedding day experience itself.



My love for music started when I was only three years old, and for the past 20+ years I have found immense joy and satisfaction in learning, playing, and recording a huge number of instruments and songs. My work is deeply influenced by music and I am continually mesmerized by the way sound can evoke emotion and draw out feeling. As a resul, I spend a huge portion of my editing time perfecting musical soundtracks and working on sound effects. My filmmaking style is distinctly cinematic with electronic undertones, and I work extremely hard to find (or build) the perfect soundtrack to compliment the personality of my couples, the locations we were filming in, and the overall feeling of the day.

One of the trademarks of my filmmaking style is my marriage of still images with video. Throughout the shooting process, I'll shoot bursts of 30-100 images in rapid succession and then turn those bursts into animations I can incorporate into the final film. This shooting style allows me to shoot and deliver photo AND video of the same moments without the need for a second shooter or two cameras while also adding a vintage, nostalgic feel to the final product. This use of still images and animations has become one of the foundational aspects of how I film and you'll see this editing style throughout every film I create!

Example – the video banner at the top of this page is comprised entirely of still images turned into animations!



If you'd like to learn more about my wedding films or view my full pricing guide, just give me a shout via the link below and I can help you out with any questions you might have.

I know my filmmaking style isn't for everyone, and I'm okay with that! But if you resonate with my heart for showcasing your relational journey in an authentic, raw, and honest way – I'd LOVE to have the opportunity to hear your story and find creative ways to showcase your love through a personalized film.



Over the past several years, I've developed a style that allows me to shoot photos and video at the same time – without the need for any additional team members. This allows me to be unobtrusive and discreet, while still capturing every element of your day. To inquire about my combined collections, click the link below!

It's such an honor that you'd consider me to document your journey on to you soon!

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