Mentoring Sessions

Hey there! I'm so excited that you're interested in my mentoring sessions – there’s not a lot that I enjoy more than helping other creatives with their endeavors so I'm always stoked at the opportunity to help others grow and cultivate thriving businesses.

One of the first and most important things I learned in building my own business is that creativity doesn’t thrive well in a vacuum. If you try to exist in isolation, it becomes easy to plateau. Over the years, I've benefitted exceptionally from other photographers and entrepreneurs who were willing to answer questions, share tricks, and give business advice. Reading blogs, watching videos, and setting up meetings with other creatives bolstered my own creativity and gave me the incentive to keep growing.

I definitely haven’t “made it” – there won’t ever be a point where I have nothing more to learn or can’t be inspired to keep growing. But there are definitely things I’ve learned along the way. Creative tips and tricks that would have helped me so much when I first started. And I’d love the chance to give you the creative push that I so coveted when I was just getting going!

How it Works

I'm a firm believer that creativity happens best with coffee in your hand, so my Mentoring Sessions usually happen at a local cafe (if you're not able to make it to the West Michigan area, I'm totally down for a FaceTime/Google Hangouts conversation as well). I’ll buy you some great coffee (or your drink of choice) and then the conversation is yours. We can discuss anything from business strategy to editing, from workflow to websites and gear – it’s totally up to you!

Cost – $200 // Time – 2 hours

No matter what stage of the game you're at, I'd love the opportunity to hear more about your work, help answer some questions, and hopefully provide some direction as you keep moving forward. Ready to take the next steps to making this happen? Just click the link below to get in touch – I'll take it from there!

Let's Go →

Is mentoring just for photographers and videographers?

Absolutely not! I work with creatives on all levels as well as small and large businesses and I'm more than willing to tailor our conversation to fit your particular needs.

What are some possible topics for Mentoring Sessions?

Really this is up to you! I'm all about helping your right where you're at but here are some starter ideas –

+ Branding & Marketing
+ Social Media & Websites
+ Editing, Workflow,
+ Cameras & Gear
+ Working with Clients
+ Online Sales
+ Printing & Showcasing Work
+ Brand Tangibles (Business Cards, Logos, etc)
+ etc – it's up to you!!

What particular fields do you have experience in?

+ Photography
+ Videography
+ Recording/Audio Production
+ Music Composition
+ Web Design
+ Marketing
+ Social Media
+ Branding

What's your favorite go-to photography gear?

My go-to gear is always evolving and changing as my needs progress – here's what I'm using currently.

+ Canon 5D Mark IV
+ Canon 35mm f/1.4L (most of my work is on this lens)
+ Canon 85mm f/1.2L
+ Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro
+ Langly Alpha Pro Backpack

What software and systems do you have experience in?

+ Photoshop & Lightroom
+ Adobe Premiere Pro
+ WordPress
+ Squarespace
+ Pro Tools
+ Instagram & Facebook
+ YouTube & Vimeo
+ etc...the list goes on!