Personal Work

January 24, 2018

My passion for capturing moments began far before I ever started getting paid for the images I took.

I first picked up a camera (a little flip-up-flash film camera no less) when I was 9 years old and immediately fell in love with the ability to freeze moments in time, to capture scenes from life, to document adventures. But now that I’m getting paid to take photos, it’s incredibly easy to view my camera as a tool – a piece of gear I use to make money – and not the powerful instrument of creativity that it truly is. It’s easy to forget that the reason I even got into this career was because I was passionate about the art of photography and not simply trying to use photography as a way to make a living. I’ve been thinking about that a lot over the past few months and that thinking has sparked a new passion – personal work.

One of the things I’ve become extremely intentional about in the past year or two has been keeping my love of photography alive through personal travels, projects, and other work. I’ve travelled from coast to coast, north and south, and everywhere I’ve gone I’ve carried my camera with me. Now that we’re rolling into 2018, I decided to curate some of my favorite images from the past year or so into a gallery so you could see some of the images that I’ve taken simply for the fun of it.

So – here we go. These are some highlights from my recent travels, from my personal life, and really just anything else I wanted to throw on here. All of these images were shot simply for the fun of it and to keep my creative inspiration alive and each image has it’s own backstory that makes it incredibly significant to me personally. Enjoy the gallery y’all!