Where are you located? Do you travel?

I’m based out of the Grand Rapids area of West Michigan, but I’m available anywhere you need me! My favorite locations to shoot are in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Northern California), anywhere in the mountains, or any part of the world where I can hear (and probably utilize) the ocean!

My local travel window is anywhere 1-3 hours from Grand Rapids, MI (depending on the package booked). Engagement sessions and portraits usually happen within an hour of the Grand Rapids area, but I’m very willing to travel and am always up for a fun adventure! Just give me a shout and we can talk details…

Is it possible to add video coverage to my wedding?

Absolutely!! I LOVE filming weddings and have developed a unique way to shoot both photo and video without requiring any additional team members or multiple cameras. If you’re interested, just give me a shout and I can talk you through the details!

How can you shoot photos and video of a wedding at the same time?

I won’t go into all the technical aspects of it, but I shoot with a camera that shoots amazing stills as well as stunning video…and by switching back and forth between those modes as well as shooting stills in a unique style I’ve perfected to integrate with video, it’s absolutely possible to capture both at the same time.

Do you reschedule if we have bad weather?

I shoot all year round in various weather conditions and am 100% confident shooting in any environment that nature might throw at me. That said, if we have heavy precipitation or high winds, I’ll reach out to you about rescheduling to a better date! I don’t reschedule for clouds or season-specific weather (a hot day in the summer or a cold day in the winter, etc).

What is your take on posing/directing?

I want to capture you in your most authentic, raw form and so my style is built around having conversations with you on the shoot that evoke real emotion. That way, you get your images back and go “oh my gosh, that’s SO us!” and don’t simply say “wow, those are beautiful.” That being said, I totally understand that most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera so I’ll absolutely help direct and guide you in unique ways to showcase your personality and style – don’t worry, I got you.

What’s your turnaround / delivery window?

For weddings the turnaround is usually about 6-10 weeks. Portrait and engagement turnaround is usually within 3-4 weeks. Turnaround on films and other work varies based on the project.

How many images will I receive?

The number of images I deliver with each shoot varies, but as a general rule of thumb you can expect to receive around 50-75 images per hour of shooting time.

How long will my gallery be available online?

I would strongly urge you to download and back up your images once you’ve received the gallery – but if something happens, good news…I leave your gallery online forever! That means if you misplace your saved files or something happens to the images, chances are I’ve got you covered.

Do you ever deliver RAW files?

To protect both my personal style as well as the photo/video industry as a whole, I never release unedited/RAW images or video clips.

What kind of wedding albums, prints, and other amenities do you offer?

You’ll have access to a top-tier professional photo lab from within your gallery. From here you can order prints, canvases, calendars, save the date and thank you cards, etc. Additionally, I offer stunning, authentic leather wedding albums with many of my wedding packages as well.

Will I get a print release with my photos?

Absolutely. I firmly believe that you should have the right to print your images so every contract includes a personal-use clause, allowing you to print your images at any third-party photo lab.

What’s the benefit of ordering prints through your lab vs doing it myself?

I’m never going to force you to order prints through me – however, if you want the absolute best quality prints, the lab I’ve partnered with is amazing and offers quality that simply can’t be attainted from places like Walmart/Costco/etc. Ordering through my lab gives you prints with stunning richness and lasting quality, right from your phone or your computer!

What is an “Album Credit”?

Many of the wedding packages I offer include an “Album Credit” – this is a discount applied to any purchase of a wedding album after you receive your gallery. These credits cover the cost of at least an 8″x8″ 30-page album (so you get an album with any package that includes a credit!), but can also be applied to album upgrades if you want a larger album or more pages.

What’s your thoughts on second shooters?

While it’s definitely an option to add a second shooter to any wedding package, I’ve done this long enough that I feel fully confident in my ability to capture the entirety of your day without the need for a second shooter. If you’d like to discuss this further, we can 100% talk about this during a consult or via email!

What’s your opinion of First Looks?

First looks can be an absolutely beautiful way to start your day and can bring about some really intimate, emotional moments – personally, I love them! But as much as I love them, I’ll never try to convince you to have a first look if you don’t want one! We can, without question, arrange the timeline of your day in such a way to get all your photos finished without the need for a first look – it’s totally up to you.

How early should I reach out about booking you?

It’s never too early! I usually book out about 9-15 months for weddings and about 3-4 months for engagements and portraits, but get in touch as soon as you can to reserve a date and make sure I’ll be available.