Before we embark on this fun journey, I want you to know exactly what you can expect from me so you can feel confident we're a good fit and will be excited and ready to create some amazing content together!




My ultimate goal when I'm shooting isn't to create "beautiful" content, it's about crafting something truly meaningful – something real. I want to evoke emotion, capture stories authentically, and communicate the true heart behind the people and companies I partner with through every piece of work I create. And, of course I hope my work turns out beautifully and I strive for perfection in everything – but my primary focus isn't simply "pretty pixels", it's authenticity.

...and that begins by building real relationships.

Okay, let's be honest here – it's hard to be fully yourself when you're with people you don't really feel like you know all that well. That's why, from day one, I make it my focus to truly get to know you – to invest myself in your life and understand your personalities...the things that you love and treasure the most, and the parts of your life that showcase who you really are.

But beyond simply getting to know you, I also want you to feel comfortable with me – because relationship goes both ways. I don't want to just show up with a fancy camera and try to create fun content...I want you to hear my story. To understand my personality and the things I love so that once I pick up a camera I'm not simply "the photographer" – I'm also a friend.

So whether you're a recently engaged couple who's madly in love and over-the-moon excited to start your life together or a brand looking for some intentional, personalized content, my approach is the same – let's get to know each other!

great relationships = fun shoots

The best thing about developing a relationship with each other is that, once we've gotten to know each other, we can head out on our shoot as friends and have a casual, relaxed time together where you can feel free to be YOURSELF. I approach every shoot with fresh eyes and a heart to capture the best, most authentic content for the client I'm working with and so getting to know you on the front end allows me to tailor my shooting style to your unique personality. That means we can hang out, have fun, and, while we're at it, capture authentic content that you can be proud of and excited to show off!



Once we’re actually out on location with a camera, my love for relationships and spontaneity totally plays into the way our session progresses. We'll laugh a lot, have some awesome conversations, listen to some great music (I bring a bluetooth speaker with me on every shoot!), and overall just have a great, relaxing, fun time together.

No matter where we decide to shoot, chances are we’ll end up wandering off the path in search of some awesome out-of-the-way location. Or maybe we'll end up climbing up a mountain or jumping in the lake just because it’d look amazing on camera – whatever you'd like to do to showcase your personality, I'm down.

Ultimately, it's about leveraging the relationship we've built with each other to create some content that is uniquely you. Each shoot looks different, and I love that...it's always an adventure.






I know I've already said this, but I am absolutely not here to just be "the photographer". I know how important and long-lasting the work I create is so I view every step of this journey as a partnership. I'm here to work with you, to embark on this journey alongside you, and to help you every step of the way to ensure that the memories we capture together truly and fully reflect exactly who you are. My ultimate desire is to pair my personal creative style with your unique personality and create some amazing content that reflects exactly who YOU are as a person – not just what you look like.

Because I view my work as a partnership, I work hard to resource you as much as I possibly can so you feel fully informed and confident going into your shoot. I've built guidebooks, resource pages, and Pinterest mood boards to help inspire you – but it goes further than that. If you have questions...I'm here to help answer them. Need help planning things out? I've got you! Want me to offer some location advice? I'll gladly help out with that! I'm definitely not an expert in everything, but I have years of experience behind the camera and love helping out my clients in any way I possibly can.

I. Am. All. About. Communication. No, seriously. I start group chats and send GIFs back and forth with most of my clients. I also LOVE talking with you about your vision for your shoot, what you're hoping to accomplish, and trying to answer any questions you might have way before I actually pick up the camera and start creating content with you. Once I pick up the camera, though, we'll keep the communcation going – my shoots are relaxed and candid – full of laughter and conversations. It's all about keeping that line of communication open so everyone feels relaxed and comfortable.


I'm not about static, uncomfortable, or forced poses – but I'll work with you to make sure you look amazing on camera!

In all my years of shooting, I can count on one hand (okay, two fingers) the number of times someone has told me that they feel "totally natural on camera" and don't feel awkward at all. I freaking get it – it's weird standing in front of a camera and trying to look natural. My shooting style takes that into consideration and, instead of trying to force you into weird, static poses, I work with you to create movement, curate authentic emotion, and evoke playful laughter. We'll talk, laugh, and hang out until those moments happen naturally, and I'll capture it all on camera!

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the work I create and I provide myself sufficient time to complete projects at those high standards.

I am 100% without a doubt my worst critic. I'm that guy who will spend an hour working on a 3-second video clip and then throw out the whole edit because it didn't quite fit with the theme of the film I'm working on. All that to say – I'm really committed to delivering the best possible quality work I'm capable of creating and, as such, I build into my quotes delivery windows that will allow me to deliver at those high standards. Now, I'm not going to stretch out your project for no reason – I work very hard to deliver everything on-time, if not early (and we'll stay in communication about this the whole way through)! Just know that I'm not going to promise you a full film within a week or a gallery within a few days because I want you to receive the best work I can deliver...and that takes time.

I'm very intentional about maintaining a healthy work/life balance, so I limit the amount of work I take on each year.

I learned very early on in my career that accepting every single job that came my way was a fast track to burnout, creative plateau, and an overabundance of peanut butter M&Ms (yeah, that's what I eat when I'm up late editing, don't judge). As such, I've become very intentional about creating space in my life to spend with my amazing wife, get out in nature, enjoy a good book, hit the gym, or simply work on some personal projects that recharge my creative batteries. This means I don't accept every job that comes my way and each year my schedule is limited to the number of projects I can take on while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


My job title may be “photographer” but my work isn’t primarily about taking pictures. Sure, I use a camera as the method for capturing moments but when you strip things down to the basics, I’m all about building relationships with my clients so that we can curate experiences...together.

Ready to chat about how we can partner up and make some magic happen? Just give me a shout and let's talk details...


...I'm never going to try to arm-twist you into booking me.

It's incredibly important it is to find a photographer you resonate with – the perspecive of whomever you hire will be the lens through which you relive those memories and stories for the rest of your life.

So, if you resonate with my personality and style and would love to create some amazing content together, that's awesome!! If not, no worries at all – there are plenty of other amazingly talented creatives out there and I'll gladly point you in their direction, no hard feelings.



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