If my wedding date currently has no restrictions, will you be there?

ABSOLUTELY! As long as there aren’t any national, state, or local restrictions on your date, the number of guests attending, or any regulations affecting my ability to perform my contracted obligations, I am 100% planning to be there! I’m staying on top of the national and state regulations as well as the official recommendations of the CDC and WHO and will be in touch with you if any restrictions may impact your wedding date.

What’s your policy on rescheduling wedding dates due to COVID-19?

If you’re in a position where you’re being forced to reschedule/postpone your wedding due to the Coronavirus, my heart breaks for you! I will GLADLY work with you to reschedule your date to any date I’m available.

That said, if you’re considering rescheduling, PLEASE reach out to me immediately so we can make sure I have availability for your new date!

If I have to reschedule my wedding, will I lose money?

No! This is a circumstance that is completely out of anyone’s control, so I’m not imposing any rescheduling fees or price increases on any couple being forced to reschedule their wedding date due to this pandemic.

Have you rescheduled any wedding dates so far?

Unfortunately, yes. Due to governmental restrictions in my home state of Michigan as well as other states around the U.S. where I’ve had jobs booked, I have been forced to reschedule all my weddings booked in April. At this point, my weddings for the rest of 2020 are still on as planned, but this may change depending how this pandemic plays out and what state and national restrictions/mandates come into play over the next weeks.

What happens if I have to change my wedding ceremony style (to an elopement, intimate wedding, etc)?

From a photography/videography standpoint, absolutely nothing! If you’ve booked me for, as an example, 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day and you have to make some changes about what the day will look like, I’ll still be there with you for 8 hours! We may need to have some conversations about how this will affect the timeline or what types of group photos we can take, but, as long as your gathering is still legally allowed, I will be there to capture it – whatever it happens to look like!

Will you still shoot my wedding if I opt to do it in my backyard with just friends and family?

This all depends on governmental restrictions. If you’re simply changing the style of your wedding or how many guests you’re inviting, I’ll absolutely shoot it!! However, if you’re planning on going through with your ceremony despite prohibitive governmental mandates, I can’t put myself in a position where I’m breaking the law.

In other words, I will gladly and unreservedly document your event regardless of where it happens or how many people are there provided that, by doing so, I don’t break (or assist others in breaking) current governmental regulations.

What’s your policy if you get sick and can’t shoot my wedding?

As per my contract, if I am unable to perform my duties in capturing and documenting your wedding day, I will find a competent, talented, creative, industry professional who can step in and document your day in my place (obviously at no additional cost to you). I will work with them beforehand to build the timeline, go over any details we may have covered in our communication, and make sure they’re fully equipped and prepared to document the day in my place. Then, after the wedding day is over, I will still edit all the images myself and deliver them to you within the delivery window stated in our contract.

Any tips or advice on how to proceed if we are forced to postpone/reschedule?

Yes! First off, stay in communication with your vendors – everyone is getting hit hard in this season so keeping everyone in the loop is a great way to ensure that as many vendors as possible are able to reschedule with you. Secondly, as you look at possible dates, keep in mind that Fridays and Saturdays are usually peak booking days – if possible, rescheduling to a Thursday or a Sunday will provide the greatest opportunity for all your vendors to reschedule with you (and keep peak days open for new client bookings as well, which is a huge help when running a small business). Finally, as you consider rescheduling, stay creative with your planning! Whether that’s shifting larger, more traditional weddings to smaller, backyard celebrations or opting to elope with just close friends and family, there are definitely ways to still get married even if your venue is no longer available!

Do you offer discounts for new clients who have had to reschedule?

Yes!! For any couple who has been forced to reschedule their wedding date because of the Coronavirus and has lost their photographer/videographer, I am now offering 10% OFF all of my photo and/or video packages. I know this can’t fully cover a lost deposit, but hopefully it’ll ease the sting just a bit.

PLEASE NOTE: this 10% discount only applies if the photographer/videographer you already booked wasn’t available for your new date. I will NOT accept any weddings where the original photographer/videographer is still available – PLEASE try to rebook with them first and support their business.