Windy engagement Session at Point Reyes, California

May 16, 2022

Marylouise + Zach’s Point Reyes Engagement Session

Point Reyes and the whole Californian pacific coastline reigns supreme when it comes to majestic elopement photos. The vastness of the natural landscape and sweeping views in every direction makes it a picture-perfect location. The pacific coast highway hugs the coastline for over 1,650 miles. From south in San Diego to Olympic National Park in the northwest this drive is spectacular and well worth doing. There are many excellent elopement photo opportunities along the way. I’m just going to put it right out there.. this stunning destination is where I would love to do more couples photography sessions, so if you’re planning an elopement or engagement, click here to connect.


Point Reyes, California top features

Point Reyes is in northern California about 30 miles northwest from the wonderful city of San Francisco. It is a destination on the west coast of California on scenic Highway 1. If you look at Point Reyes peninsula on a map you will notice it juts out and is a prominent point on the headland.

Point Reyes is the perfect position for a lighthouse. In the 17th century Sebastian Vizcaino singled out the majestic cliffs as “la Punta de los Reyes” which translates, ‘Point of the Kings’. Impressed explorers’ way back then acknowledged its grandiose beauty, and it hasn’t changed, it is still impressing people now. The 11 miles of Point Reyes Beach starts at Kehoe Beach and concludes at Point Reyes Headlands. It is a true gem along the pacific coastline and is a wonderful getaway from the close by big city hustle and bustle. Point Reyes National Seashore has many top features:

  • 150 miles of hiking trails to explore
  • Spectacular landscape
  • Cypress Tree Tunnel
  • Wildlife including Tule Elk and elephant seals
  • Food tours on local farms
  • Wonderful cafes and restaurants
  • Incredible Airbnb’s
  • Beautiful bays and cove
  • Great Venues for weddings/elopements
  • Breath-taking photography


About the couple: Point Reyes, CA

The couple featured in these gorgeous engagement photos are Marylouise and Zach. Marylouise absolutely loves the sunshine and coastlines especially CA, Dalmatian Coast, Santorini, Barcelona, or Marrakech. On the other hand, Zach appreciates every moment with Marylouise, whether at home or traveling. Their day at Point Reyes was filled with much love and joy. They were relaxed, comfortable and completely themselves during this photoshoot.

Having a great appreciation for sublime natural beauty the couple had fun exploring the long stretch of sandy beaches. Fields of spring wildflowers made the prettiest floor beneath their feet and well-worn treks to the beach and hills made for beautiful pics. Engagement photos on the Point Reye cliffs above the Pacific Ocean are genuinely romantic. They held each other close and danced as the sun set on the horizon. My personal favorites are the simply stunning photos of Marylouise and Zach beneath the iconic cypress tree tunnel at Point Reyes.

Advice for the couple getting photographed, is to bring a simple wardrobe of two or three changes of clothing. Choose mostly neutral colours to balance beautifully with the natural surrounds. Clothing attire should be comfortable for you to wear. There may be photos taken that show you relaxing on the ground of green rolling hills, the golden shoreline or sitting on rocky formations. Some photos may have you jumping up in your lovers’ arms, dancing and simply goofing around. Make sure what you wear is flexible. Remember this is your personality and vibe not mine, wear what is your style of clothing. Jewelry, hats, and other accessories all help to personalize your portraits, just make sure you pack them.

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Pacific coast elopement & engagement photographer/videographer

Have you ever imagined traveling to the pacific coast, Point Reyes, California for a fun, and adventurous elopement or engagement session? It is easy and well worth the planning. Planning an elopement along the pacific coast and at Point Reyes, California is easier than you think. As a traveling photographer/videographer my role is to help you to plan how to be prepared for your dream elopement photoshoot. Working in with your elopement vendors to plan your ideal style and vibe in a gob-smacking beautiful destination is paramount. I can help guide you with any questions you may have.

What I offer for elopements is different to other photographers. The unique aspect of my business is that I offer a combined package of video & photo. What this means for you?

    • You won’t have to book multiple vendors
    • Having only one ‘media’ person helps make the experience so much more intimate for the two of you
    • Editing will be consistent across photo and video
    • Communication will be much easier because it’s only me you and we can spend our time focusing on your vision and plans without also navigating multiple vendor relationships

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